Stillborn in Ash

by Excarnated Entity

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Sunken Form 05:33
Climb the crimson hills of pneuma A virulent sodden tract of pig shit Pernicious paragon of deceit Dashes to the balcony A delirious effusion His hideous sunken form Wallowing and contorted In beggars prostration A declaration of sadistic ecstasy Wounds weeping craven blood Adorning the stained scaffold His hideous sunken form The sycophant’s harvest of pain Embracing the bones of finality At last All hereafters punctuated black As the earth pulls downward The sky swallowed whole A psyche without vessel When all is naught
Cursed malefactor Dragged down the wall Bellicose howls Demand their penance The son hangs his head Heed the fanatical cry Distended torso Smeared in excrement Limbs bound by wire The very apex of decay Knife falls to eye A feast of immeasurable pain Seconds become hours turn to days Delirium gives way to lucidity A singular destination Transcending corporality Rise again to unspeakable power Excarnated entity Released from the internment of flesh Emerge the immortal adversary Wounds repaid a thousandfold Deranged virtue cleansed in their suffering My strength in their damnation Liberation dealt by blade To the temple mount In retribution for the slain
Reason breaks for little And mercy extended for less Steel penetrates concrete Atom-splitting phallus A cinereous prophet The spectre of inhumanity Horizonless bomb-blasted dawn Amassed in irradiated ruins Remnants scattered wide Glistening carrion in nightfall Ruled in silence Thermonuclear ejaculate A despotic orgasm Horizonless bomb-blasted dawn Engorged by butchery Stillborn in ash Burning winds drift Across the carbonized soil Man’s greatest defeat Frozen in place Engorged by butchery Stillborn in ash Rider of the carcinogen wind Emissary of demise
Split Visage 05:48
Progeny of decreation Rechristened in slaughter A hollowed dominion A serenity in desolation Abhorrent oblations To realms beyond A shadow spills From a ruptured skull The winds of eternity howl Through the ethereal window Beneath the watcher’s gaze Mirror selves locked in conflict A battle never to be won Performance of futility Beyond the bounds of mortality Past the sunken sky Forever sustained in agony A dance rehearsed a thousand times Masking the misery of aeons A furtive glance Into the eye of unreality Colossal memory molders Bearing the inconceivable truth


Four track demonstration recording.

Self-released pro-duplicated cassette available now, link in bio.


released May 22, 2019

Ian Schwab - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Parker Lautenschlager - Guitar
Dan Fried - Bass/Vocals
Mike Stone - Drums

Intro to Sunken Form by Parker Lautenschlager and Dan Fried. Additional synths by Parker Lautenschlager.

Recorded and mixed by Detto March/April 2019.

Mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio.

Cover art by Adrian Hill, 1918.


all rights reserved



Excarnated Entity Seattle, Washington

Excarnated Entity
C/O Dan Fried
3439 SE Hawhtorne Blvd #529
Portland, OR 97214

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